Forum Operations Feedback Thread

I’m just now seeing this. Great replies from @Omgitstony and @WyzeJasonJ. I will just add a couple of additional details/fine points…

There are two groups: “Mods” and “moderators”. The latter is everyone with moderation powers, which includes a whole lot of employees that don’t actually do any moderation except in special cases. The former (Mods) are the volunteer moderators and only Wyze community manager employees. Therefore, it’s always best to use -at-Mods for these kind of requests.

Like we have with two new product releases occurring back to back this month. :smiley:

We have a guideline of allowing five days for submitters to respond to clarification requests. After that time, the mod may simply reject the request or process it based on an assumed answer to the clarification.

If you have a submission that’s been sitting the queue for a long time (like over a week) with no action, you could always send a DM to Mods to ask what’s up.


Is the Roadmap area closed?

No, they just merged the Wishlist and Roadmap together, and haven’t finished all the routing stuff yet. What used to be in the roadmap can now be found here:

And here:

In general, I would just go to the Wishlist category and click on which subcategory you are interested in from there:


We are in the process of getting the “Roadmap” link under Forum at the top of the page removed. In the meantime, I have opened up the Roadmap category so instead of getting an “Oops!” message, you will get to a post that redirects you to the #wishlist.


Please add a logo/navigation link at the top left of all forum pages.

(This is the default behavior in Discourse, why have you removed it and reduced the navigability of your forums? Instead of a single click, a user must instead find and click on the Menu icon at top right, then choose Latest/New/pick a category.)

See as an example.

@FanBoi Hi and thanks for the suggestion. If I understand correctly, you would like an easy to click link that takes you to the home page of the forum? It’s already there! If you click the word “Forum” at the top of any forum page, it takes you back to the forum home page. When you hover over this, a list of top categories is displayed. But you don’t need to move down and choose one of those. Clicking on the word “Forum” itself takes you to the home page:

By the way, we are in the process of discussing changes we might make to the content of the forum home page to promote content that might be more useful to both new and returning users. Any suggestions along those lines would be welcome.

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Also, if you are scrolled down the page when viewing a topic, there is a home icon image which will take you to the forum home page.


If you think it would make a difference, we could look into changing the generic home to a more Wyze centric icon.

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Our forum platform (Discourse) has been upgraded to version 3.0. We will gradually be turning on some new features. The first one we have enabled enhances the avatar menu, top right.

The old menu looked like this:


The new menu looks like this, giving you more ways to filter your notifications so you can deal with those that are most important to you first:


Let us know how you like it.


I was actually actively looking at the old tab when it flashed and morphed into the new layout. Lol.


Is it possible for members to have a customizable signature that gets added to the end of our posts? When I was on the Canon EOS forum that was used by people to put down all their gears/specs, and it was helpful to see what everyone has, to ask specific questions. I see a lot of posts here from people just clarifying what they have/do not have.

I know some forums have that ability, but it is not something that we have here. In fact, our Community Guidelines specifically ask users not to sign their posts:

  • Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it.

If you click on a username, it will bring up a capsule profile. If you click the name again in that capsule, it will take you to the full profile. If you click on your own, it will take you to your Preferences where you can fill in your own profile with as much detail as you wish.

So essentially, the profiles work as signatures without clogging up the flow of the threads.


FYI this seems to be resolved by your nice upgrade to version 3.0 of Discourse.

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I LOVE this update so far. I was recently remarking on how much traffic the forums have had lately that I have been getting SO many notifications that it is hard to keep up. This new update allows me to get through the most important updates first now, like look at replies before I look at the “Other” notifications section. That has helped a lot now that things are so busy. Plus, it allows me to simply clear all the “Likes” notifications all at once without affecting any of the others. Overall, I’m really liking this update so far. I look forward to hearing what other things may come.


It’s okay, that’s all. I spend most of the time clicking my user icon to see updated threads I’m following, so I guess it made sense to regain a teeny bit of vertical space by moving the other icons to a right side vertical pane. But the one thing that would really help is still not in this version of Discourse. You still can’t scroll that first pull-down list, so you still have to click the down-arrow icon and wait for another page load if there were more than 10-12 updates since your last visit. Sigh.

Mod Edit: forum platform name corrected to avoid confusion with Discord

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If you are referring to the notifications list that appears when you first click your avatar, top right, unfortunately, we don’t have a setting in Discourse to make that list scrollable.

My workaround is to have bookmarked “” as my default start page when accessing the forum. (Sub in your username.)


I would like to see Wyze respond to every single wishlist request and give an answer as to why they can/can’t integrate a users request.

I know that a request is tagged with “maybe-later, probably not , in production, researching,” but getting an answer directly from Wyze would definitely offer transparency as to a users request.

I see a lot of very good requests that often never get any attention, if Wyze could reply and give a response that would be appreciated from the community so we can know what they think or plan on doing with a users request.

Food for thought


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Wyze employees do sometimes jump into the threads and comment on them. However, they do not have the resources or ability to give detailed reasons for the disposition of every request. Yes, there are many good requests. In fact, there are so many, that is one of the main reasons they can’t all be implemented “right now”.

Requests are reviewed periodically and there are many factors that go into their status, such as number of votes received, cost of implementing, feasibility, and many others. Wyze, in my opinion, is much more transparent than the vast majority of other companies as to their future development plans. But there are limits to what Wyze or any other company can and will disclose.

Note: Moderators on the forum are not Wyze employees and are not given detailed insight into the reasons for the disposition of wishlist requests.


This may be of use to someone. Double-clicking any of the categories takes you to an expanded page.


YMMV, I’m using a PC, Chromium and Discourse desktop view. :slight_smile:


Loki, I would agree 100% with your response. Not only due to the number of requests but also the number of products involved. Detailed answers would require a set of PMs or SAs to constantly jump in. Even a quick ‘triage’ of a request takes some time just to determine the four statuses.

As you said, a detailed response could raise IP or security concerns. And in my experience, even expert users eyes glaze over when you start to answer the “why?”.


How about a compromise instead of a blanket “No”? I assume Wyze has a design team and not just developers who think they know better? Spread the load by having them review the top requests in their category. If it clearly won’t/can’t be done, then say so straight away and shut the thread.

If it looks like a good idea, then spend 5 minutes deciding where it should sit in the priority list of requests (I really hope Wyze has one of these). Make the change internally, and flag the thread appropriately.

For example, there re rumors of a new App - this could be confirmed without any issue of giving anything away. But it would be nice to have some idea of how many user requests would be addressed by this. We’ve been told making App changes is “hard”, well boo-hoo. Write the new one so it’s easier.