For rule action edit, 3-bar icon is gone

iOS 16.5.1. WYZE app 2.43.0 (9)
It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had to edit the list of actions for a rule so I was disappointed recently when I could not reposition actions within a rule to control timing. The 3 horizontal bars icon to the right of each action has been replaced by a pen edit icon; thus, the action can no longer be repositioned. Was that change intentional or a program error? The pen icon is redundant since you can only review rule actions when in the edit mode.

Confirmed on Android as well. Version 2.43.0 (312) on Moto edge+ 5G UW (2022) running Android version 12.

Repositioning Actions within a rule to control timing has never been an option.

Wyze Rule Actions have always been Shotgun Blast mode. Everything fires at once. There is no specific order of execution.

It’s on the Wishlist, albeit in the wrong topic:


Here is some light reading to support the above.

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