Floor lamps came on in the middle of the night

Both of my new floor lamps and the light bulbs in the library suddenly turned themselves on about 3 AM.
I checked and I have no rules or events scheduled. Any thoughts ?

I’ve had mine for 2 nights and both nights it’s come on by itself 3 to 4 time during the night. Firmware is upgraded. I have 2 of the lamps and are both doing it. I thought maybe I have a ghost.

Just got mine today… I will watch to see if I see a similar experience.

If I ever get my lamp I’ll let you know if it happens…my shipment keeps being delayed :frowning:

I’ve had my Bulbs come on for no apparent reason, been a while. Someone said if there is a detected power fluctuation, the devices have a default mode for how to react called Power Loss Recovery. Check if your lamps have that setting available

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Mine just shipped out…Let’s see.

Chinese hackers?..LOL

Just got mine also…Be Careful saying anything about “Chinese” hackers. They are watching us. Will review the lamp and will let all know.

So far my lamp has performed flawless

I got my lamp today! I can’t get the remote to pair…do you think the battery is just dead? I’ll have to go to the store later and buy new ones.

Make sure to remove the plastic wrap off of the battery… it impedes the connection and is clear, so not very noticeable.

Or use a new battery vs. the cheesy alkaline that comes with plastic wrapped over the +/- ends :wink: