Fire Cam V3

Has anyone else experienced a fire with their cam v3 power brick/adaptor? Mine was plugged into the Wyze connector and then into the GFI plug and it caught on fire and melted the power brick/adaptor and the side of the house is all black where it burned. Very dangerous and should not have happened. I just found it and it is a Saturday night so support is not available. I will contact them Monday morning.

Do a search on forum about “USB Fire” Wyze has had this issue for several years :exclamation: :fire: :fire: :fire:

Here is a link to the latest one: Wyze USB power adapter Caught Fire and Melted AC Prongs

That is why I have ditched my Wyze USB power adapters for other methods like these:
Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications

Solar panel AND battery for Wyze Cam 3

We’re so sorry to hear this happened! Is everyone okay? Please send in the support ticket now and give me the ticket number. I’ll send it for immediate escalation. We need to take this back and check for what happened. We’ll also send you a replacement free of charge. Thank you so much for posting.


I just spot-checked a Wyze power adapter to see if it had any credentials on it. It has a bunch, including the “UL” safety designation.

I’ve seen a coupla scenarios where a random small sliver of metal touching the electrical connections can cause issues. One caused the connected lights to be weird. In another scenario, a metal chain I had accidentally touched the battery terminals of a power tool battery. That had the capability to burn down my entire house.

I presume Wyze has a log of all similar issues, and, compares them to industry norms.

This is a good reminder to do a fire preparedness check. Test your smoke detectors… if your house was built after 1993, verify the “interconnected” feature wyrks. Also, verify that ALL your fire extinguishers are where you expect them to be, and, they are in the “green” ready-to-go zone.


Been hearing this for several years now :exclamation: :fire:
Be glad when we do not have to hear these words again and again :exclamation:

Maybe UL needs to have some random samples reviewed again as they only review they first runs generally, maybe the Chinese manufacturer is cutting corners now since original UL listing was done.

I have a pile of these that I don’t use as I have my own power system is there an address at UL I can send them to for re-review?

I’m sorry but I’ve looked on this site and cannot find the support ticket area.

I would advise starting here:

I’m fixin’ to add an additional attic cam… in addition to 3 other cams that are plugged into outlets within the attic. Out of an abundance-of-caution, I’m wonderin’ if the magnetic base is fireproof? Or, is there any optimum material that can be placed below the cam that would marginally increase fire safety?

I do realize that any related fire may be associated to the power adapter or power outlet, rather than the camera itself.

I dont think so,if your worried then put a loud battery smoke alarm up there with the cameras,

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