Finding Settings on my iPad (little gear)

What are the steps for getting to ‘settings’ of my Wyze camera (on my iPad). I want to change it such that the image rotates when I rotate the iPad…I’ve gotten there before, but for some reason I don’t remembe how I got there before — finding that little gear-shaped thingie.

Simple question, but ??

The gear icon in the upper right corner when viewing the camera in portrait view does get you to the settings. However, the only camera setting related to rotation is to flip the image 180 degrees (upside down). I don’t think that’s what you’re asking about.

You may be referring to the button that lets you manually switch between portrait and landscape view. This button is in the upper right corner of the video frame, but only appears when you tap the screen. It looks like this image when in portrait view, and like this image when in landscape view.

But the problem may be more global. If the screen does not rotate when you rotate the iPad in any app, then you may have inadvertently engaged the iPadOS rotation lock feature. To fix that, pull down the Control Center and tap this button: image


You answered my question in an indirect way! On my phone, when I go to the Wyze app; it shows the little gear wheel right away; but on my iPad…it does not. But now I know how to get to settings on my iPad by clicking on the landscape view icon. When I do that, it flips the image, but it also shows the settings wheel - so problem solved.

Not sure if I need to get to control center….where is that?

OK, the control center of the iPad - got it; actually it’s not what I need; the image is automatically rotated when I click on the ‘landscape view - which I did not know before. Instead of having to turn my iPad on its side, I can now see it right side up!

Thank you for your help.

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