Find my vacuum

I love my Wyze robot vacuums but sometimes they get lost in my house. I schedule them to run at night and some mornings they are not on their charger. It would be great if there was FIND MY VACUUM button in the app you could click and it yell out something like “HELP. IM OVER HERE” or some noise to help me find it. Because when it is under a bed or couch it takes forever to find them.

Is this a function that is being considered???

Doesn’t its last known location show up on the sweep map?

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The Mods moved this to the Wishlist. Be sure to vote for it! :slight_smile:

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This would be nice. I have it set to run at night, so buy the time I wake up, it is dead. The app then tells me to manually turn on the vacuum, so it won’t show a map of its location.