Feature request: swipe left right on live feed to move to another cam

Hi, requesting a feature that would save SO MUCH time.
Much like you can swipe left and right on your cam plus vids, please add a feature that allows me to view one camera live AND then swipe left or right to move to prior/next camera. Now i have to go back and click another cam AND what is worse, move from landscape back to portrait and back into landscape, so annoying! Keep me in landscape watching my live feed and able to swipe left right to move to another cam. thank you!!!


What’s this? A genuinely helpful suggestion for the app? Bet it will totally be added.

Jokes aside, That does seem like a helpful edition for efficiency. An easier way to move around the app would be helpful. Knowing Wyze; however, they most likely won’t be adding this anytime soon if at all. I don’t use cameras myself, but I do know people that do. Said people would most likely appreciate an addition such as this.

By the way, a better place to put this is in the wishlist category.

Blah, blah,
– Fishy

But will that work in conjunction with Pan Cams?

Is it swipe left or right to move camera position or is it to go to next or previous camera???

Good point. Didn’t think of that.

Possibly a button that is easily accessible in landscape mode that makes arrows come up on both sides of the screen that switches to other cameras? Don’t know how cluttered the screen would get after that.

Not good at UI design,
– Fishy

Right, I am talking about static cameras only. Swipe left and right to switch cams.

Fishy’s suggestion is a good one too. Either or. Yeah, not gonna hold my breath if you guys say they suck at listening.

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Came here to post this exact feature request.

Most other cloud cam apps already have this - would save 5? 6? clicks

If swiping would mess up pan/zoom cams, then I could settle for a < and > button

Will they do it? Or they don’t care? I hate having to go back to each camera and click again.

Another thing is can the cameras not show a small icon in the list view that the event recording is on or off and have buttons next to each camera to do this? yes, i know there are actions on top you can create but they are not as useful sometimes as managing a single cam with one click in the list view

Just making sure that folks are aware that there is another thread on this, from… 2019.
Based on the maybe status, it looks like we may be wasting our time providing this feedback.
Also, see my feedback in that thread: Swipe between screens in portrait and full-screen (e.g., swipe to switch cameras, back navigation) - #62 by krakataubox

I surely agree that the feature would be complete if the swiping is available in the horizontal view as well. There are ways to get around panning - depending on the location from where you swipe, or even arrows would do, as per a previous suggestion in this thread.

But again, this doesn’t look like anyone will do anything about it. Quite a shame.