Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

Yes, this is still in the maybe-later area. My understanding is the way the current videos are saved is what makes this difficult.

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Can you at least ask them to look at this idea?

Add a 3 second skip that runs continuously until stopped, the same as pressing the 30 second skip manually quickly.

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It would be nice if they could even get the 30 second skip to work right!! It takes 5-10 seconds for that to work every time I press it! Talk about annoying!!!

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In my opinion, being able to find moments in a recording from a camera designed to help you capture moments is table stakes. Not being able to easily scrub through footage in your timeline is as ridiculous as a streaming service only letting you go forward or backwards in a show by 30 second increments.


Any word on progress?
I’ve got about 9 cameras; considering either going back to Nest/Google, which I do NOT want, or trying some other brand… but other than this, I love Wyze!


It’s been 5 years since this one thread has started. Nest/Google has had it down, I’ve read Ring has it- what’s the delay? What progress towards a resolution has been done/achieved?
I’ve been very happy and thrilled with Wyze; I’d hate to have to move on…


I would just like the ability to mount the SD drive on my local network, so I can download all the contents and use the various video editing tools I have to edit the content.

I understand that the videos on Wyze servers are not my videos because they are not on my server, but the videos on the SD card are on my hardware and so are my videos and Wyze refuses to give me proper access and control of my videos.

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Yep. I have 8. I have a nest doorbell that I absolutely love and pay a lot for a yearly subscription to be able to view video with scrubbing. I’m not renewing it in August because it’s going up to $150 year. That’s too much to just have for watching the wildlife and local cats in my front yard.

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And it take 20 seconds to show the new footage every change!!!

Viewing video in the app 2×, 3×, 4×

When viewing video in a camera you have two options, you at normal speed or skip 30 seconds. Every other video device I have allows me to view at Double, triple, or quadruple speed. This should be a feature when viewing any stored video in the app.

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Give us the 30 sec forward and backward button… Like in Wyze 3. We can tap repeatedly to find what we want. You already have the programming…

Yeah but make it varaible 3, 6, 10, 15, 30

Enable playback from the SD card with speeds; 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, etc

When the motion or sound wasn’t detected and you need to go back the review the SD card playback, only having 1x speed is torturer!

Atleast there is the 30 second step forward added a few years ago, but that often misses the video clip I’m searching for.

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a lot of posts…i would like to propose an alternative implementation that might make user and their life easier. in events they have the icon that allows you to do a thumbnail and timeline display of events. you can switch from thumbnail to timeline and back. an extra button to add sd card could make search easier. button press would send you to playback screen at that time point. you could then see bigger image with zooming. a button on that screen would send you back at that time to thumbnail screen.

Just had a police request to provide footage, exact time unknown (arrival of stolen truck). Wyze V3 is closest cam but I can only view playback at 1X. Have a Eufy 2k with more distant view but up to 16x playback so used that to get my time stamp I needed. The V3 is going bye bye to be replaced with the brand with the up to 16X playback.