Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

According to their latest statements about this, they are indeed working on a new design for a better live view and event playback experience (including thumbnails with the cursor, and other things).

Their updates have not yet been released. All we know is that there are updates to the playback and scrubbing process that they have been working on.


I actually have to say that I’ve seen some positive changes at Wyze but at the same time as they introduced positive changes I don’t see the performance of the application and the videos taken has been great and notifications are sometimes late the video often times doesn’t load and I still can’t play anything back off of my cards without taking them out of the camera and it to me is kind of ridiculous defeats the whole purpose of the Internet

The bar at the bottom needs to be smaller, when in landscape mode and the forward/rewind should be where the arrows are.

Also the rewind/ffwd buttons are too small i constantly miss them and they block the picture.

Please add a way to speed up playback. Watching hours and hours to find something not captured as an event is painful.


10X speed would be too fast. 1.5X, 2X up to 5X is usable. You could even program a virtual jog shuttle to male it easier for people. The key to it is buffering the video properly. Or possibly programming a frame skip so it doesn’t lag too much. The playback will be choppier but it won’t lag as bad as trying to do 60-150fps in ffwd.

While not necessarily about Fast Forward/Rewind, some of the most recent statements related to Playback viewing changes were made today in an AMA with Wyze’s VP of Product:

This sounds pretty exciting and will make it easier to scrub through videos and find things. Maybe there will be some speed changes added too.

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I agree. Yesterday one of my chickens got out of the run 3 times, and again this morning. I have one cam aimed at the left side of the chicken run and another aimed at the right side. I went through hours and hours of event recordings, one by one at 4x the speed, back and forth, back and forth until I finally just gave up.
This was one time when I sure could’ve used that feature in the playback where I could just go through it all without having to go back and clicking on one short clip after another. :pensive:

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I believe that “Scrubbing” is a good method, it might require some coding but they (Wyze) are supposedly re-writing the entire app so that would be a great time to incorporate some changes

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What is scrubbing? Thanks.

I don’t know which photos program you use but I use an iPhone and when I bring up my photos and I want to edit there’s a button up on the top it says edit and when it appears there is a line at the bottom of the phone that’s got little pictures of the entire recording and you can scrub back-and-forth on it Really really quickly and it shows exactly where you’re at in your clip it’s a handy thing I don’t know any other programs that have that but it would be nice to take and invoke something like that

scrubbing is used in motion picture editing and all kinds of photographers that take videos use a similar process.

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Ah ok thanks. I’ll have to look at some of the apps that I have to see if they have those options as well. As a photographer, I’ve done that, I just didn’t know it was called that.

Glad to help

This is one of the things I most want on a V3 cam. Without it, playback is essentially useless for the obvious reason that it’s too hard and too time consuming to find anything. I can’t believe Wyze made such a huge mistake as not having fast forwarding in playback to begin with.

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3x speed for events

This would be a great speed for me , as 4x speed is too fast !

Is this ever going to be implemented?


I sure hope so. Some of my chickens keep getting out and I’d like so much to be able to have those features so I can get to the timelines quickly. Just had another one escape and am slowly looking for the footage.

Fast Forward during Micro SD Playback

I would love to be able to fast forward during memory card footage! I have a dog marking in the home and most time the events don’t catch it because it happening in the living room where there is a lot of motion happening. (4 animals total) so instead of clicking through hundreds of events- it would be so much easier to just playback footage at 2x or 3x in the timeframe in which I think the incident happened! PLEASE add it!

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Yes, that’s something I voted for, too. I was just in my playback this morning looking for something and the only way to get any kind of fast forward/backward was to hit the ±30 icon really fast a bunch of times to take me back or forward 30 seconds with each click.

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