Events Tab- Select All option in camera filtering

Can a “select all” option be added in the camera filtering in the events tab? Right now, there is already a clear all option.
Being able to select all cameras with one button would be very helpful.

Leaving all cams unchecked (not selecting cams) is the same as selecting all cams.


In fact ‘clearing all’ is the way to go, because in the past there has been confusion by the software when anything new is added, and you had everything else selected.


That makes so much sense now. Thank you!

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I just realized why a select-all option is still necessary.
What if I want to select all my cameras and then exclude one of the cameras?
In that case, I would have to manually click all of my cameras (7 boxes) and leave off the one I don’t want.
It would be much easier to click- select all and then just take off the one I want to exclude.
So, I reinstate my wishlist item. :slight_smile:

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Under the events filter screen, the clear all options removes all checks and is no longer selectable. It should change to a Select all function once you clear all. This should be a simple, but handy feature if you have quite a few cameras like I do. You could keep the existing clear all functionality the same, and only flip it to select all if nothing is checked.

Let me expand on what I would like.

I really want the select all to toggle on all the check boxes to get me closer to what I want, which is select most. I generally have most but not all of my cameras selected for viewing. Occasionaly I want just a few like 2, 3 or 4, and they are usually close to each other on the screen. I use the clear all to remove All, so I can then select just the three I want , then I want to go back to my select most cameras, so a select all gets me closer to what I want. I would clear all then select all then uncheck the few I don’t want selected to get what I want. Now after I clear all, I haft to individually pitch the 20 to 25 I want leaving some 2 or 3 unchecked. Now I don’t really want a select most button, that is just an example. Select favorites or most feature wouldbe harder to implement and setup, but a select All that actually checks the boxes get me closer and is easy to implement and use.

[Mod Edit]: Added the additional information provided by requester

Add “All/None” for camera selection when filtering in Events

When you are reviewing saved Events in the Wyze app and filtering on which cameras to view or not view there is a Clear All option at the top. When you have many cameras it would be helpful to either add a Select All action or to change the Clear All to “Clear/Select All” and have it toggle selecting none or all of the cameras.



Thanks for the quick response! I didn’t catch/realize that no cameras selected meant show all cameras. This gets me closer to being able to manage what I want to see… That being said, as @terrywilliams13 pointed out on a previous post having a Select All option would be nice to “check” all cameras and then remove one or more cameras that you did not want to see (as they might be particularly busy).

I have cameras that do not get very much activity (like in the attic to capture possible rodents!) thus highly active cameras flood the event view. I have 17 cameras thus a select all and them removing the few busy cameras would be helpful.

In any event, appreciate the response/education and gets me a bit closer as stated to managing things!

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I agree! :+1: