Events Tab- Select All option in camera filtering

Can a “select all” option be added in the camera filtering in the events tab? Right now, there is already a clear all option.
Being able to select all cameras with one button would be very helpful.

Leaving all cams unchecked (not selecting cams) is the same as selecting all cams.


In fact ‘clearing all’ is the way to go, because in the past there has been confusion by the software when anything new is added, and you had everything else selected.


That makes so much sense now. Thank you!

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I just realized why a select-all option is still necessary.
What if I want to select all my cameras and then exclude one of the cameras?
In that case, I would have to manually click all of my cameras (7 boxes) and leave off the one I don’t want.
It would be much easier to click- select all and then just take off the one I want to exclude.
So, I reinstate my wishlist item. :slight_smile:

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