Event recording is horrible, any ideas?

I have 4 cameras - 2 pan and 2 regular. All updated to the latest firmware. Event recordings are very sporadic and unreliable at best. Event recording sensitivity is set at 85%. It will not detect/record a person that walks in front of all 4 cameras multiple times over the course of 10 minutes, but will randomly record my dog moving its head slightly. I would say the cameras miss 90%+ of all movement in my house. Obviously this defeats the purpose of having them in the first place. Any ideas?

It may be due to issues with the Wi-Fi connection. If the cameras had lost connection when the person walked around, they couldn’t send the video to the cloud and I believe it gets lost. If you have an SD card I would suggest to put it in one of the cameras, set local recording to events only, and see if local recording is triggered when somebody walks in front of the cameras as you described. If you have a locally recorded event but not a cloud video, then the camera was likely disconnected from the internet when the person walked by

No WiFi is fine and this happens virtually all the time. Have not yet tried SD card but my guess is it won’t matter because the detection feature is at fault. Unless the cameras “detect” less because it would then use up more
of their cloud space. I’ll try an SD card and see.