Event Playback failure

Short version: Why am I unable to view a recorded playback directly from an event notification?

Detailed version: I get a notification of an event on my phone. I click on it to view and the app launches. I click on the event and see my 12 second clip. Then sometimes I want to see more and click “Playback” at the bottom but, I get a pop up that I don’t have a memory card installed. So I back out of events and go to the home page, click on the camera and then view the playback, in full through the history from the SD card. Why do I have to go through all of that when I already have a memory card installed AND it’s working as I can view the playback if I manually search for it?

On Friday, Wyze should be doing an event called “Fix-It Friday” here in this forum where they will have users report any bugs and Wyze team members will actually read the full list of submitted bugs. They will only give detailed reports on the top 3, but submitting this bug in that thread on Friday will be helpful to make sure Wyze team members actually see it and look into it. :+1: This seems like a perfect example of the type of stuff they want to hear about. Please check back on Friday and post this in that thread so we can make sure Wyze Devs look into it.

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I’m new to the forums and was unaware of this information. I’ll try to repost in that location Friday if I can find where to do so.

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No problem, welcome to the community then. This will be a new thing they’ll be doing in this forum for the first time this Friday. I’ll try to set a reminder too.

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I’ve been in the forum for 2 years and never heard of this event until just now.

Anyway, your issue is slightly similar to mine on my older V2s. I’ve had no luck getting SD cards to work consistently. But mine rarely play via View Playback either. I just gave up on it. From a limited recent poll it seems that most people have had better experiences.

Hey @carverofchoice … Is a thing here or only on Discord? Comments not possible at this topic:

That was for last week. They are switching off between different platforms/communities so that they cover as many people as possible. Discord was last week. They’re also doing it on Facebook and Reddit and here and just alternating so that they can cover more users. I believe it’s supposed to be these forums this week/today, it just hasn’t been posted yet.

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Is there a way to tag me or post a link once it’s available so I can be sure my issue is visible?

Yeah, I got you. I set a bookmark reminder to myself to let you know as soon as I see it. If it doesn’t happen today (I think it is supposed to happen today though) then I’ll still flag you whenever it does happen (maybe next week?).

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Thanks! :grin:

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@Chaduma Fix-it-Friday is now live! Go post about your issue in this thread: