Echo Show implementation WAY better on

For the past few weeks I was having terrible buffering issues when displaying Wyze cam (v2 and Pan) video on my Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5. I am happy to report that with this new firmware the buffering is completely gone. It does take about 15-20 seconds to initially connect. But after that, the video does not buffer.

Good job Wyze team!




I just upgraded my 7 CAM v2 to the new firmware yesterday 5/2.

Video was degraded, but this firmware upgrade fixed my cameras from randomly stopping and streams stalling.
All is ok on my TinyCam Pro App on my Android OS 10 Phone.

Was wondering if you upgraded as well… and how it’s working on your Echo Shows.

I have been holding off on buying the Echo Shows since reports in the forums, say the streaming is not constant, but stops after a period of time



It does stop after 10 minutes. This is the only downside I’m having. Wyze, can’t we have a setting to make it stay on longer?


I don’t seem to have a time out using Tinycam on my phone… so I’ll just wait before buying an echo show.

Thanks for the reply