Doorbell - external microphone issues

Hello Wyzers,

I have installed the new doorbell and I can say I’m pretty impressed with this little $30 doorbell. The person detection and motion is nice and working well with the Cam Plus features. I tried to get the doorbell to see a package but haven’t had any luck yet. I need to test more. I like the chime, it is very loud and can be heard by whole house. I hope there are more chimes as time goes on. Halloween themed perhaps…

Anywho, the reason I’m writing is that the external microphone seems to be picking up a lot of ambient noise and the person outside has to speak up somewhat loudly. I’m not sure if the microphone is picking up more sound due to being in an alcove of sorts on the front of my house, but it seems really hard to hear the person at the door. The people at the door can hear me very loudly. I’m impressed by the little speaker that is in it. And if the person is close to the microphone (with their face pretty close, it is very clear).

I’m just wondering what others are experiencing. Overall, I love it and love how it fits into the Wyze Ecosystem.


Just to add to the description… it’s almost like the microphone is “muffled” too… hard to hear.

Just went outside and fussed with it some more to see what is happening.



I have also seen this. If you just have the speaker on by itself, it sounds pretty good. But once you open up the 2 way audio, the audio gets distant and muffled. It’s definitely a bit difficult to hear.

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You are lucky. I am getting crappy audio bothe ways. Almost can not hear anything.

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Same here for me. Got it today. Setup was easy. Chime is very loud , works well. Video seems good most of the time. If I hit speaker sometimes it turns on right away, sometimes it takes 20-30 seconds. Once I hit the mic the person at the doorbell can hear me loudly and clear. But I can’t hear them unless they talk VERY loud, but then I can hear them through the door without the camera. Sometimes I cant hear them at all but they still hear me clearly. Also, once the doorbell button is pushed the video gets very choppy. Signal is at 100% , Wyze app V 2.17.21 Doorbell firmware V4.25.0.222

Also. If I have the speaker AND mic on a the same time. If I turn off the mic at night. The whole camera resets. Nightmode shuts off, Speaker shuts off etc. I hit just speaker and the camera goes back into night mode.

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Well darn. I’m going to stay optimistic and think that the engineers are hard at work on this issue. I will still defend the price point and other features I’ve seen so far for this great doorbell. Even if I have to tell people to talk directly into the doorbell so I can hear them. LOL.



So just as an update… The dorbell cam has been working great (minus sound glitch). I have found though, I now see that I would rarely ever use the two way conversation so for the price its still great. But since its supposed to HAVE two way communication I guess i’ll wait and see what kind of updates come out.

Same problems here. The sound coming from the doorbell’s microphone is extremely muffled making the two-way talking unusable. The Wyze Cam V3s are much better and I was really hoping that these would match those.

I just received and installed my video doorbell last week and am having a similar microphone problem. On full volume on my phone, I can barely hear the person speaking at the video doorbell.

On my other Wyze cams, I can hear audio just fine using medium volume on my phone when the people speaking are 10 to 20 feet away from the camera.

This seems like either a microphone problem or a software problem, I just don’t know which one. Any ideas? Thanks!

Just got the doorbell from Home Depot and installed.
Experiencing constant loud crackling / static noises in audio with live monitoring and playback. Sounds like some electrical line issue. No other issues at the moment.
Sent an e-mail to support but no response as of yet other than the boiler plate re-install and restart everything e-mail.
Still have the same static. Hardware? Wiring? Software?
Any ideas on this?


Yep, return it and get another product from another mfg. Thats what I ended up doing after giving them a chance and trying a replacement unit.

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I am having audio issues in both directions with the Wyze doorbell I installed this weekend. I can barely hear them and they can barely hear me. Strong wifi signal. Any fixes anyone has found yet?

Same here, the person at the door can hear me loud and clear, but I can’t hear them at all. Please fix it!!

No, I think that is just what it is.

If they lean in and talk, they will be able to hear your and you will be able to hear them… But if they stand back like a normal person would do at a front door… then I can’t hear them and they can’t hear me.

I’ve had the doorbell since pre-order and even had a warranty replacement on it. I think that’s just what it is.

Interesting. I thought I installed mine incorrectly, but noticed this exact same thing. Hoping they fix this.

I’m having the same issue, loud crackling and popping all the time, makes the audio features useless.

Recording using Android screen capture:


I have the EXACT SAME issue as Kl2n. I’m hoping it’s not a hardware issue.

I have the same issue as k12n. It’s a little different sound, but same problem. I wonder if it’s some kind of electrical feedback from the fuse hack for the old chime we do during the install or if the wires on the back of the doorbell are actually polarized? Would be nice to get something official here.

Doorbell Pro fixed all audio issues.

Regular Doorbell was punted into the woods. (not really).

The regular Doorbell is o.k. as a video doorbell… and it records sound ok. Just poor 2-way. It detected faces and packages just fine.