Does recording a timelapse interfere with the continuous SD card recording/cloud motion events at all?

Does the Wyze Cam v2 continue recording to the SD card,uploading events to the cloud, and running scheduled shortcuts while it is recording a timelapse? Just want to make sure. Thanks

Thanks for the help but my question is still unanswered

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From my own experience I would say no. I record a time lapse frequently on my back deck Pan Cam. It is also set to record continuously and a quick check shows that it did.

The camera will live feed, record to SD card, send motion alerts, upload clips to the cloud, and respond to scheduled and on-demand shortcuts all while performing a time lapse.

The only catch is you may have to erase previous footage from the SD card to make room for the time lapse, but after that, all will work simultaneously.

I once recorded a time lapse of a patio door installation, only to notice unusual activity in the live feed from another room. I had removed anything anyone might want to steal before they came, so I just looked at the SD card footage after they left, and one of the installers had searched my drawers.