Does deleting Wyze account also delete forum account and all forum posts?

If not, how to delete Wyze account, forum account, and all forum posts?

I believe they are separate. The @moderators should be able to answer your question.

The accounts are separate. To request deletion of your forum profile, send a forum Message to @moderators.


Thanks. Does deleting the forum profile also delete all forum posts and comment replies, or maybe just make them anonymous/generic? Just making sure whether I should manually performed those deletions before requesting deletion of the forum profile.

Is this correct?

Please confirm Deletion Requests:

1: Forum Account at moderators
2: Wyze Account at Wyze Support

Thanks again.


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Wyze account deletion goes through customer support. All posts made by an account that will be deleted from the forum need to be deleted before the software will let that happen.

We’re sorry to see you go!

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Thank you.

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No problem! You’ll be welcome back if you ever change your mind and we wish you well.

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