Do I need the app if I don't want to use the internet?

I just got the cams. I don’t go online with my phone. I want to use sd cards. Can I set up the cams without the app? If so how? How do I read all these things that I’m supposed to see. Where can I find instructions? HELP !! Please.

Nope, you need internet to setup & to authenticate to connect to the cams.

Unless…you flash the rtsp firmware and use alternate software to view

I don’t want to use the internet at all. …except to set up maybe. I don’t want the cams connected to the internet. I want to put micro sd cards in to view on a computer.


Go onto the Net and get everything all setup, along with your rules for recording.

Once done and happy, you then chose not to go via the Net until changes are needed. Then just pull the cards to view…

These are the wrong cameras for you. Things will only work if the cameras can at least contact the Wyze servers upon boot. If they reboot for any reason and there is no path to the Internet I believe they will not function.

This does not apply if you apply dedicated Dafang Hacks firmware that treats them only as RTSP IPcams. But I don’t know if that supports SD recording.

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You might be better off with wired cameras. At least if your reasoning is for security/privacy protection.

Thank you for your reply.
I did download the app and tried to set up the cam. I have 2 networks on my Nighthawk router, 4g and 5g and the cam couldn’t find either one. I’m not sure what to do now. My phone works in this area and Roku works in this area but the cam can’t identify the networks.

if you’re referring your routers wifi freqs, these cams only operate @ 2.4ghz freq

I think you’re confusing “G” with cell service. WiFi routers usually have two bands, 2.4ghz and 5ghz, there is no 4g on a router. However, as to you’re problem, for some unknown reason, some people with certain routers need to temporarily disable the 5ghz band to connect their cameras and then turn it back on after connected. I don’t know why and most don’t have to, but it has helped others to do so when they couldn’t connect a new camera.

There are mixed messages here, it bothers me that a new user is being mislead about requirements to use these cameras in a manner that will just possibly meet the loosest definition of working around to fit to your needs,

If you require no internet and no application needed to view the cameras for your application, you should use a different camera.

The closest approximation to fitting your needs Wyze can do at the moment, is the v2 camera with RTSP unsupported firmware, This is not a slam dunk for a new user, and a $35 Eufy with onboard RTSP, is a much better fit.

You would still use an app to setup the cameras, but that is simple if you have a camera with built in RTSP.

There, that’s an honest answer that I’d stand by in court, and not feel ashamed of having given,not a sort of if you twist in the wind, it’s an honest and realistic answer.

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