Do I Dare Say It...The Web Portal SUCKS!

Why does the Web Portal consistently go down? Either I have to ‘reconnect’ or refresh the Web Portal page.
It makes what I purchased the cameras for completely useless.


Do I Dare Say It…

I believe you do. Talkin’ about the Web Portal, or Web Live View, yeah?

What’s your internet upload speed? Mine is 500/20 dn/up and I have good (not great) mesh router cam connectivity. Light-to-average other upload traffic on my LAN, I think.

I don’t have Cam Plus Unlimited yet, though, so don’t know how well Live View’ll work for me… Soon. :slight_smile:

Yup…it’s the web portal.
I have a little better up/dn speeds being a commercial account.

It’s a very unstable system. I get the same problems whether at the business or home.
Either on the app or desktop, it’s very ‘iffy’.

I have 5 cams enrolled and 5 cams displayed but the blue flag in the upper left shows 4 cams. If I only display 4 cams, it then says 3. You get the picture.
If WYZE can’t get something so simple correct, why should I trust them with anything else. GEESH!


If you can edit the subject of this thread, you may want to since your complaint is entirely about the web portal and not with CamPlus.
With that said, I would agree that the web portal leaves a lot to be desired. I almost never use it, so it does not bother me much.

Watch this space, I guess. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

When they get it to rock & roll consistently it’ll be a nice feather in their cap. :crossed_fingers:


Here’s the product manager (?) and his activity here (click through):

By “unstable”, do you mean the server goes down/unresponsive? Or the webviews cut out? Some of my cameras show reliably but some are flakey. But I’ve never seen it down. I have a good connection, too; 600/70 typically.

K6CCC, I’m curious, you have stellar (enterprise) cam connectivity and upload throughput, yeah?

When you ran the web portal, were you able to stream many cams steadily for a fair while - or did you not test it all thus far?

I’ve found that it works better with some camera models than with others.

There are some cameras that will stay streaming on the webportal for me for multiple days in a row.

And there are some that I have to tell to reconnect every so often.

Not sure what the difference is, but for example, my floodlight pros work amazingly. They will stream for DAYS straight.

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Yes, I have Gigabit (up and down) fiber Internet, a at least small office grade router, and Meraki Enterprise grade WiFi access points. So, yes, I have quite a bit better networking than most people at home. As I’ve said, I seldom use the web portal, but I have pulled up at least a dozen cameras at the same time on more than one occasion. My general experience is that cameras will generally come up, but often freeze after a while. I have never made any effort to see if there is any real consistency in camera type, which AP is being used, etc.

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Do you use the portal regularly? Which cams do you run? (I’ll be running v2 & v3.)

Would you say it has improved over the time you’ve been using it?

I hardly use webview. That may partly explain why I never see it down. It’s because half of my cameras aren’t showing. If Wyze can set up sort of configuration to show only the cameras we want, and specify the viewing order, I’d use it more. I don’t feel like there’s any improvement from the first time I’ve tried it.

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I can see a cam on the mobile app but on the PC Portal I’ll constantly get ‘reconnect’ which it never does. I sometimes have to wait up to half an hour for it to reconnect.
On a minor point, it doesn’t even display the correct number of cams I have online. Very poor design.