Different levels of "reset"

I agree. If the device is stationary use the closest connection point.

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Wow @carverofchoice that’s a nice troubleshooting guide. Thanks @peepeep for linking it!

I think one of these days Wyze should create a decision tree with a bunch of questions (i.e. Does this happen to all cameras? Did this work before?) so one can know what to do. It can be their first-line Support.



Yep, and Wyze Mesh Router owners may be clamoring for a setting to achieve it.

Sometimes observant customers are best qualified to determine the best setting. :slight_smile:

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And this, someone should do this, too!

@WyzeMatt may even give cash prizes for the one best-realized! :wink:


Our new AI shopping assistant is actually not terrible at answering some of these questions.


Hey Matt

Cool! Just go to a product page on the Wyze shopping site and ask it what and how? Can you give an explicit ‘for instance’ when you have a moment? :slight_smile:

(Or maybe @IL1 will try it. They’re intrepid on that front. :man_superhero: :woman_superhero: )

I didn’t see one at first glance. Any chance of linking it here?

Yeah, I thought about that too. I used to go to dpreview.com to check out lens reviews and they had a pretty nice set of benchmark tests for all the lenses. Maybe you can start a new topic on what kind of tests one should include for security camera comparison. Hopefully someday someone will run with it.

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Miracle has happened for me.

9 cams all working in google home.

I did all of your steps many times at different intervals. The last cam just started working today all of a sudden after not messing with it for a week or two lol.



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