Did your Bulbs all come on today?

My 4 Bulbs were all on this afternoon. I did not accidentally turn them on. I turned them off via the App so my triggers would work. Weird

I did not have this issue. Did you have any rules that did not previously work and may have been “catching up”?

No issue with my Bulbs. I have had one of my motion sensors notifications turn on. I figured that I did something as I am testing different things when a beta release comes out. Maybe I was wrong.

No issues on my end as well and I have 6 bulbs in service.

All routines have executed as written. I do have one wayward bulb that likes to turn off and on 3 times at random times between 2am and 5am. But that’s been going on for months and that bulb is the only one that has no routines applied to it. Thinking bulb is going bad or the fixture, haven’t investigated in great detail.

What are your power loss recovery settings at? Did you have a power loss or some type of interuption at home?

Maintain previous state. It’s an entry light that I leave on at night. I only identified it because 2 of my cameras pick up the “motion”.

No power loss to home, but there could be intermittent power loss to the fixture based on the behavior I have seen.

It actually set off the v3 I was testing my new spotlights on in my office :rofl:

@Omgitstony that might be the reason. We had a quick interruption which affected the router.

All 4 Bulbs were off when that happened. Looks Ike this caused them to turn on? Interesting

All my bulbs periodically turn off for about a quarter to half a second if they are turned on. If they are turned off (via the app obviously), I get the opposite in that the bulbs periodically flash on for about the same amount of time. A little disconcerting when some of the bulbs are in bedrooms and it happens in the middle of the night. Trying to convince your 5 year old and 3 year old grandkids that the house is not haunted is pretty difficult!!!

I am sure you know, you can set the bulb to maintain state through a power outage. this is controlled in the settings area.