Did Something Change with the AI?

After the last camera update for all my V3 camera’s the AI has not been triggering to record most events outside of my set grid, like it had been doing. At first I though one of my cameras wasn’t recording anything, until I walked into it’s event grade and it recorded me. I like that I’m not getting so many videos of things that it shouldn’t have been recording but I am curious because the update info doesn’t provide much.

Spoke too soon, today I a lot of videos labeled as Vehicle because people walking by triggered the motion event and the AI saw parked vehicles, missing the person that triggered the event.

My cameras were running perfect and now they are horrible what the hell is going on I have 15 cameras six of them are at the front of my house and I might get person detection on one now it’s really sad when I have to rely on my ring cameras somebody needs to fix the AI

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