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Did anyone just receive a device login notification? I just received one at 6:34 PM EST, but I definitely did not sign in with a new device. Only my wife and I have the password, and we were together.

I use Lastpass, so it would be impossible to guess my password. I also have 2FA. Obviously, I changed it but I am worried on how this happened.

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Me too.

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I did as well.

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I received one at 5:51pm when I reinstalled the production app. Then at 6:11pm, just after I enrolled back into being a beta tester and installed the beta app. Did not have to logon as it acts like an update. Thought the 6:11 one was a bit odd, but attributed it to the beta app being installed.

So now I am a little concerned, but do have 2FA as well.

@WyzeGwendolyn, including you in this in the event something needs to be looked into on the Wyze side.

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Me too! about 6:30pm central Changed my P/W.

Mee Three! Went ahead and changed my password on all Wyze accounts. :slightly_smiling_face:

You have more than 1? Lol

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it happened to me too just now. I changed my password. I wish there was a sign out of all devices option so that i can make sure my kids are safe.

Well yes, the,, the smart phone access and one other.

I had to login again on my wife’s phone after I changed the password, With 2FA. so you should be good.

Are people who have experienced this using the production app or beta app?

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I’m using the beta. Another (Beta) user received error msg when attempting login.
Below is the eMail I received:

A New Device Has Signed into Your Wyze Account
Your Wyze account has been signed into by a new device at 01/19/2021 00:27:10 UTC.

If this was you:
You’re all set and don’t have to do anything!

If this was not you:
Please reset your account password. We also recommend checking your email and social media accounts for suspicious activity and changing any passwords that may match the one you used for your Wyze account.

The Wyze Team

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I am using the Beta App.

My email I received was the same as @dr.know. The only difference was the time. The time in my email was: 01/18/2021 23:11:10 UTC.


I’m on beta App.

Same email as well.


I also received an email (actually a couple emails within the past hour) about a new device login. I am using the beta app.


Same issue, using beta app, had me worried. Well at least I have a nice fresh password for the new year.

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