Data Usage Per Camera Per Month

I am using ASUS Merlin to monitor usage and have for years. It’s pretty spot on. The MAC of one wyzecam sent 234gb in 11 days to Amazon. I have 3 months of history for 4 cameras and no other camera has this issue and it only happened for 11 days. Average monthly use for each camera is around 1-2gb. My assumption is live viewing shows as SSL, which is very low consumption. I sent all the traffic graphs to the support team. Also verified with xfininty that the usage is correct.


This might be a silly question, but is that camera shared with anyone who might have left it streaming 24/7?

Very valid question. No, this camera was not shared until after the usage went down. Even if it was, I can’t see a phone being able to use it 24x7 (which the usage was non-stop). When I will get home I will post the graph.

Here is a daily usage of the cam in question

Here is a one day snapshot

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When live streaming with the phone connected to the local wifi does the cam stream connect directly to the phone or does it get sent out to AWS and back to the local net to connect with the phone?

When connected to the camera over the same local network, the video data stream stays within the network. The camera does go outside for the initial connection, but that is a small data usage.

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Any resolution on this? I’m in the same boat. I have 5 cams and I’m shutting them down today.

A couple of them are uploading about 20 gig a day each.They are killing my data cap.

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Make sure you are talking about WAN, not LAN traffic.

As I wrote above, highly doubtful it can be that much per day, unless you are streaming 24/7 someplace.

Only one of my cameras exhibited this problem. I have shipped the unit to Wyze support (they sent me a replacement). My offending camera did this for 11 days straight and it was going to AWS, not streaming. The camera I had an isssue with stopped doing this (the day I notice high utilization). I have given all the data that supports the issue to the support team. The main thing you can do is capture the log from a camera WITHOUT it being restarted. We had a power outage a few days after I raised the support ticket and the logs were gone. If you haven’t already, I would raise the issue to support.

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Defintily WAN. Started on December 1st for some reason. This is from my ISP:

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I guess the quickest way to know for sure is unplug all the cams. Then monitor data usage for a couple of days, and see what happens.
Though, that sure looks like somebody is using your wireless. I would change all passwords, reset the cams, and see if it still does it.

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I unplugged my back camera, really hate losing the front one, but its the only other one doing this. It’s definitely the camera, here the data usage for the front from my router:

And here’s my living room cam:

And I went in the app and turned my front camera off. It’s been off for 2 days and still used that much data. Guess I’m going to unplug it this afternoon.

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Normally, I would say to re-flash the one that is using up the bandwidth, however, in this case, I think @WyzeTao should take a look at that unit, and see what exactly is going on. He would have the hardware debugging tools to see what exactly is going on.

I do know that it shouldn’t be doing that from what we have been told are the caps in place.

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Hi @jbstep, sorry for the issue! Can you tell me what is your camera firmware version? We identified an issue recently which could possibly relate to this. A fix was released to Beta in firmware (v2) and (Pan). v1 cameras should not have that issue.

If it is the issue we found, restarting the camera should solve the problem. I wonder if you can do us a favor to turn it on again. If you are in our Beta program, I would like to have you upgrade the camera to the latest firmware listed above and run it as usual. If you see the high data usage again, can you please send us a camera log via the app WITHOUT rebooting your camera? You can go to Account → Help & Feedback → Report an Issue (or Feedback in V1.5) → select your Front Porch camera → Submit. When email comes up, please change the recipient to Thank you very much!

Hi @immortallyinsane, can you please do the same to your problematic camera? If your camera is experiencing the issue now, you can go ahead and send me a camera log as I mentioned in message #33. Thank you very much!

Hi, I have already sent my problematic camera back. I haven’t seen the issue since but I am monitoring it on all 4 cameras.

Thanks for letting us know! If you see that ever happen again please ping us and help take a camera log. Thank you!

Firmware seems to have fixed my issues. I’ve flashed all my cameras and the 2 problematic ones are no longer uploading tons of data:

Many thanks!


Thank you for verifying and letting us know! We are happy that your problem is resolved. Once we verified more cases we will release the firmware to the public. I would also recommend checking it another few times to make sure the problem is resolved. It never hurts to double check. Thanks!

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Can anyone please verify that this data leak issue has been resolved? I have 8 Wyze cams & have noticed that my monthly data usage has been increasing over the limit the past several months. I thought it was the two new apple tv units we have, but believe it was likely the cameras. I have had to get unlimited data the last two months because of this issue & would like to discontinue the plan if it has been resolved. Like always, I have updated the camera w/ the latest firmware.


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Has the fix been released to the public?