Data Sharing with Google?

I noticed a recent email advertisement where a Google product is featured. What is Wyze’s relationship with Google? Is our data shared with Google? What about videos? Please explain exactly what Wyze shares with Google.

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It depends what you approve, but it had to be intentional.

You can approve to link things like your scale to Google fit… But by default it does not.

You can link your Wyze account to Google Home so that you can control your Wyze devices on Google speakers and displays (turn lights on/off or stream cameras to the display), But by default it is not linked.

It’s just convenient to link your Wyze account to Google and Alexa for additional controls and routines and integration, but by default none of your Wyze devices or account information is "shared"with Google. If you didn’t expressly link it, you have nothing to worry about.

As a last note, it is common in the IoT industry to have smart devices “ping” Google servers occasionally just to verify whether or not they have internet. Google is traditionally chosen because of the reliable uptime. If the ping is successful to Google but not the company’s servers, then the device knows that internet is not the issue, just the server. I am sure Wyze also does this with some devices simply because it is standard with IoT. But if so, they aren’t sharing any account or personal information. I would bet most houses have several internet enabled devices that use Google servers just as a ping. I’m not saying whether Wyze does or doesn’t with certain devices, but it is common in the industry.


Thank you for a detailed reply. I am pleased to hear you have to opt into sharing. I do not want to share data with Google.


To chime into what Carver said, I want to just clarify that we are acting as a retail store essentially when it comes to Google Nest speakers, no different than a Best Buy or a Walmart. Our sales of their products isn’t meant to imply any kind of further connection other than our products working with the Nest speakers on an opt-in basis. :slight_smile: