Data breach question

I’d say the data breach started before Wyze possibly let on, or maybe they honestly didn’t know. Hard to believe that. Because of my stalking dilemma I’m dealing with, I decided 4 nights ago to change my password and just do a recheck on my two-factor I set up, make sure I get the notifications sent to my cell, etc etc. I changed my password, it sent a code to my cell. It took about 20 minutes before I got it, got worried. But got it and reset my password. Seemed fine. Went to sleep. Woke up around 5am to 2 texts sent to my iPhone at 1:50am, both from Wyze, both with the same 6 digits. Freaked me out!! 2 days this came out, the “breach”.
Yesterday I attempted to log on using my two-factor and newly changed password, it wouldn’t allow me to even enter my two-factor, it wouldn’t kick back a six digit number for me to get in safely. Instead I kept pushing on the scream , it did nothing, like I wasn’t even touching it. Freaked out again! It then kept alternating between nothing and a number, 29 then 30. I have NO idea why or what was going on. I will attach my screenshots. Not sure if it is part of the data breach going on, OR my own stalking dilemma going on. Either way, I’d say the timing is spot on with Wyze.

Not exactly sure, but yesterday the whole 2 factor system wasn’t working after Wyze revoked everyone’s security token which kicked everyone off the app. Many of us couldn’t log back in until after midnight due to overload of the system. It’s been fine for me today after getting back on after midnight last night

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@BritBab We all experienced the same thing yesterday so I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @BritBab, I’m closing this topic. If you have specific questions or information, please continue the conversation in the thread @StopICU33 mentioned above. If you are having issues that you can’t get an answer for on the forum, please contact support. :slight_smile: