Customizable time for motion sensor to become clear

Would like a Timer to be added to the wyze app to adjust the duration of a motion sensor before it Clears. For example I have smart light switches linked to my wyze Motion sensors, so if motion is detected my lights switch on and then once the motion sensor clears the lights switches off. I would like to be able to Adjust the times between Detection and clearing.

This is a great idea!


Thank you. This idea Would assist people in wheelchairs. That can’t reach the wall socket.

It appears the Sense PIR Motion Detector sends its clear signal 45 seconds after the last motion is detected. While perhaps this is a good enough default setting, I don’t think its ideal for many scenarios (for me its too soon) and I was wondering if this could be made user adjustable to at least some extent in future versions of the app.


Wyze Sense PM here – Just wanted to let you know that you can customize when you get notified to only happen after the sensor has been clear for a customizable amount of time. However the actual “clear” setting cannot be changed due to hardware limitations.


Thank you for your reply, a bit disappointed it can’t be adjusted to suit my needs, but still thank you.

Isn’t the delay after the sensor sees something until the clear signal is sent to the server, code in the Motion Sensor? And if so, can’t it can be updated?

Only the firmware in the Wyze Sense Bridge is upgradeable. The sensors are not.

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It seems like every time I added a sensor (motion, switch) it asked me to update and showed me my rev and the new one. Was that update for the bridge? If so, why did it keep asking me to update it. Also, why were the sensors not designed to be updatable? Was it a bandwidth problem because of being low power?

Hi @lbeck37, I apologize for the late reply as my time on the forum lately has been limited. If you want to make sure I see your question, tag me as I did you in the beginning of my reply here.

I can’t answer that without more details about what it was specifically asking you to update. Can you post a screenshot?

I don’t know the exact technical reason for the sensors not being firmware upgradeable, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact the sensors communicate only with the bridge somewhere in the 900Mhz band range. The sensors don’t use your Wi-Fi, just the bridge via the camera it’s plugged into.

Is there any way to change the clear time on a sensor? That I am not seeing

If not that would be a great integration

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It would be great if you could adjust the time that the sensors clear the alert. When using IFTTT to trigger a light to turn on, setting how long the alert is active would allow the light to remain on for a set amount of time before the alert clear action turns off the light. Also if the contact sensors are open at a specified time of day, the alert could trigger, so for example if a door is still open at 10:00 PM an alert would be generated.

Don’t we already have this you can set how long the light stays on after there’s no movement. Isn’t that the same thing

Not when using IFTTT


Similar to the motion detector, we need to have an option for when the sense is open or closed for selected amount of time.


I would like Wyze Motion Sensor setting where I could change delay period time (minutes) before sensor clear status. Sometimes I could be stood up, just in front of motion sensor in my kitchen for kind of a minute and lights turn off because I set an integration with IFTTT. My wife was cooking and same behavior.

I would like this setting could be set for motion sensor, not for notifications.