Critters Galore

Captured on one of my WyzePanoCam’s last week… ‘Rudy the Raccoon’ and kits (first time I’ve seen the kits) (2.72 MB)

[Mod Note]: Added re-encoded mp4 video for proper embedded viewing in web browsers.


You really think that was Rudy? Or was it Rita?


HaHa! I have two that wander by occasionally, ‘Rudy’ and ‘Rocky’ who is a bit smaller… I assumed that the larger one (Rudy) was male and the smaller one (Rocky) was female - then the one I thought was male showed up with kits in tow… The kits are currently nameless, but when they show up they are EVERYWHERE!

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Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Can we share this video in the Discover section of the app and credit your username?

Sure - happy to share the video of my critters…