Content of the Discover tab in beta app

Bummer. I formerly enjoyed occasionally accessing the Discover tab in the app to see what sort of unusual video content users had uploaded. Then for a period of time no new videos appeared.

Now the content is entirely different. While someone informative I think you should have stuck with user content.


this was actually polled by Wyze a while ago. I dont think they’ve done anything since this, ( this was done in late 2018)

because of product releases and other things they might have done the poll and then took a bit of time to implement it so it was a fairly recent change in the app. but here is the poll that was done if you want to look at it.

It’s just like the wish list Wyze does not go by how many votes something gets they go by what they want to do. Something could get 1 million votes but if Wyze wants to go in a different direction they’re going to

Thanks for the feedback on this, @doug11.

As @Bam discussed in their response, this was something we examined using community polls and we gathered that it was a good time to try something new. Again, we do appreciate hearing your thoughts on this – I’ll bring this up with the team as we explore how to iterate the Discover tab. :slight_smile:


I’ve done a lot of programming for web applications. I looked at learning programming for Android apps and concluded it was, comparatively speaking, a nosebleed. After the user selects the Discover tab, perhaps you could then display multiple tabs, default to Marketing stuff, User Uploads, and How To Videos which are posted on YouTube. Or not, just a thought.


It’s a fair thought, for sure! :slight_smile:

Having multiple tabs (maybe collapsible) in the Discover tab to help navigate is a cool idea – I’ll share it with the team!