Help Guide the Discover Tab!

Hi, everyone!

We know that some of you have been testing the beta app for a while and you’ve probably popped over to the Discover tab to check it out. We’re still working on figuring out what all we want to do with that area and thought that we would ask your opinion instead of trying to guess what you would prefer. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, please fill out the poll below and choose up to 2 answers for what you would like to see the most in the Discover tab.



  • A. Captured on Wyze - Fun and creative moments from fellow community members.
  • B. Community Hacks - Creative use of our cams.
  • C. Basic Tips & Tricks - Easy suggestions for improving your Wyze experience.
  • D. Advanced Tips & Tricks - Deep diving suggestions for improving your Wyze experience.
  • E. News about Wyze - Wyze in the media.
  • F. News from Wyze - What we’re working on and what’s going on at Wyze Labs.
  • G. Other - Please tell us more about your idea in the comments section.

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I’d like to see products hacks and more integration.

Also good place to post updates on what’s happening with wyze products

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