Connection Failed to WiFi

Can’t connect any of my Wyze devices to my Wi-Fi, after changing my SSID and password.

Please help.

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When you first setup your camera’s you set an SSID and PWD associated to it. If you recently changed your routers SSID and PWD, you will need to make sure you Camera’s are aware of this. The only way to reset the WiFi is to go to each Camera and rerun the setup and enter the new SSID and Password. There is no need to remove the camera from the app as it will simply update the credentials. I would also make sure you have the name of the camera as you may be prompted for that as well.

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was able to get my light bulb and outlet to connect, but still not able to get any of my cameras to connect, still connection failed.

You will need to make sure case is correct. Also, why did you change SSID and password? Was it because of a new router? Why not just change the new router to the old SSID and password, in which everything would have continued to work, no problem? :wink: