Connecting one account to different phones

Hi, Sorry, one of those people who starts off their question by admitting to be a total technology idiot. So I am considering getting 4 indoor cameras, Two people will be monitoring from two different phones, BUT I want 1 phone to be able to monitor all 4 cameras and the other phone to only be able to monitor 2. Is this possible? TIA :wink:

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In short, the answer is yes. The Primary account, which you will be connecting the camera’s to will be able to monitor the 4 camera’s. Then you share the 2 camera’s to another account. You can create 2 accounts via 2 different emails or with a family member. They will only be able to view and het notifications but not control the camera’s.

If you use the main account on both phones, then you will see all 4 Camera’s and be able to control them from either phone.


Thank you!


Yes the main account can do all 4,then if you want another person just 2 have 2 cams then you share those to the customer very simple