Connecting cam to desktop

Can I connect the wyze cam to my computer?

As a webcam? They have a firmware, but it replaces your default “smart cam” firmware.

Which Cam?

Either way, the Wyze cams have significant audio delay so keep that in mind. Plus, however the authentication service works, the live feed will be up to several seconds behind.

You need to be more specific in your question as there are several possible answers. First, if you mean can you connect to the live stream from your computer using stock firmware, the answer is a qualified yes. You would need some third party software to do so.

If you’re willing to do some work, you can install the RTSP firmware from Wyze and then you can view the video stream on many different platforms with many different applications. There is also a third-party firmware called Dafang that will replace the firmware from Wyze and provides RTSP connectivity.

RTSP depends on which camera you have: V2 and the Pan Cam work. The V3 and outdoor cam do not.

You probably mean this 3 year old request at the very top of the wishlist. As noted the answer is a (very) qualified yes, which to me is really a mostly no. The cameras don’t support viewing on your PC or on a web browser.