Color Night Vision mode

I think having a Color Night vision mode would be an excellent idea

As a security night cam, the color tends to broaden grey scale producing sharper images

I am not sure how Wyze would do this but I think it would be very cool!!

If Wyze did this it might have to be a subscription, not sure?

Recently introduced by Arlo and available with Lorex cameras.

I have no idea why color vision would require a subscription

Possibly because it will cost them extra money to develop color night vision. This would be cool though. Maybe they could make a security light which would then allow the cameras to record in color

The technology is not new, it has been around for quite some time. Since they already have a motion detector, I suppose as an added option, a light switch could be added. But the purposed of the color night vision is to record in low light levels already, it is just that, over the black & white camera, the image is usually clearer and produces a broader spectrum in shades that generates better detail & quality picture.

Not sure about players like Nest, Ring, etc… but Lorex has had colour night vision for quite some time now. It would definitely be a cool option to have. Maybe Wyze could offer it in a higher class camera?