Cloud Access - notifications disabled

Am I able to access footage from the cloud if I do not have notifications enabled? I am trying to review something that happened last night, but just realized that I did not have the notifications on. any help would be much appreciated. also, there is no SD card in the camera as I was informed the footage stayed in the cloud for 14 days, with no charge.


Sure… Notifications are just for your benefit - to let you know there was an event. They don’t disable cloud recording.

Any cloud recordings, short of CMC, will be available under the Events Tab at the bottom of the app home screen. You did have to have the cam set to record events for them to be there.
Settings/Event Recording…

The advantage to the SD card is that it allows continuous recording ( to the card) while the event recording is limited to a 12 second slice of time with a 5 minute ‘cooldown’ period in between. The event recording can be used as a pointer in time using the playback feature to jump to where your event occurred on your card.

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