Changing from 24 hr clock to 12 hour

I couldn’t find any information on here, maybe I’m just missing it. Is there a way to change from the 24 hour clock on the video feeds to a 12 hour clock ? Thanks

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It followes however you have your phone time set to.

I need to clarify my last answer. The playback tim line follows the setting of your phone, but the on-screen clock appears to always be 24 hour. Since I normally set every time device that allows it to 24 hour time, I had assumed the on screen clock was following my phone setting. Thinking about it, the on screen clock would not have any relationship to the phone time setting - duh…


The only reason you like 12 hour format is because that is what you were taught when you first learned about time. Much like language, preference for Metric or English units, and religious beliefs.

I realize you are talking about the video feeds and what displays on the video, but the same it true for the files that are stored on the SD card.

There are good reasons for using 24 hour format for the files stored on SD. The way it works:

/record/yyyymmdd directory aka folder is named based on the ISO 8601 format. What is nice is that an alphabetical sort will now be chronologically correct.

/record/yyyymmdd/hh (range 00 through 23)

/record/yyyymmdd/hh/mm offset (range 00 through 59)

24 hour time is confusing until you are used to it, and then (at least for many people I know), it becomes the preferred format, and we change our watches, computers, clocks, phones, to use that format. Midnight is 00, 12 is noon. It is unambiguous, and sorts nicely.

In my opinion, the 24 hour system is more logical. But I have been using 24 hour time since 1980 (possibly before), so it’s burned in.

It should be possible to change the format displayed, but it is less likely that the format of the naming convention for the 1 minutes videos stored on the SD card will change.

It will take up more “screen real estate” to be able to display the AM/PM indicator.


What he said!

24 hour clock is so much easier - and a rather large percentage of the rest if the world uses it.


Wow I’m amazed at how other people know what I like or what I’ve learned. I’ve been using a 24 hr clock for the last 15 years, makes no difference to me if it’s 24 hr or 12 hr, but others in my household aren’t comfortable with it. That’s why I asked if there is a way to change it. Thanks for the reply.


Sorry, I have no knowledge about what you like or what you have learned. And I was also wrong to say the only reason…

A multi-lingual person probably prefers to use the language of the people around, which may not be their native tongue.

As far as I know, there is no way for you to change the time format. I believe the time offset from UTC is copied from your phone when you Sync time. And I don’t know if it automatically changes between Standard and Daylight saving time without a sync, so I don’t know if if copies the time rule, or just the current offset from UTC.

I just switched my phone over to 24 hr format and that worked well. That’s just what I wanted.



A good product should offer both options… as evidenced by this topic.


i agree…i know both but prefer am, pm