Change language in Android app

I forgot to mention that I am French on a French OS with many other apps in French so the Wyze app in French didn’t strike me at first.
There’s at least one clumsy translation in the firmware tab that triggered me : Up to date => Jusqu’à présent (should be “À jour”)
Left the beta program, uninstalled/reinstalled but to no avail.
I can live with that but I’m surprised I couldn’t find a language setting in the app :person_shrugging:

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I believe the app language is set by the OS language.


Seems like it…


That’s bad, the user should have the opportunity to override the “by default” choice.

Currently, it’s even worse. I am getting a mix of English, French and Spanish

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Agreed. This would be a great feature to have at the App Level. And, others seem to agree.

The feature request to have an App Level Language selection has already been requested in the Wishlist. Follow the link, vote at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your ideas and reasons as a reply post.

That is definitely an issue. Have you contacted Customer Support to get a support ticket started?

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No, I haven’t opened a ticket yet. If you look at the three images, you will see the three languages all mixed up


I believed you. I just don’t know what to tell you. I have no idea how to fix that.

I have the same bug on all my Android devices using the latest version of the app as of today.

Same here. I’ve got French, English and Spanish mixed…

I got some Spanish yesterday (for the first time?) in a dialog box.
Languages are out of control :joy:

For those experiencing this, are you using Android or iOS?

If Android, will you try going into setting on your phone (not Wyze App)

  • Tap System
  • Tap Languages and input
  • Tap Languages
  • Make sure it only shows English (or whatever language you prefer)
    If you really need/want more than 1 language, make sure your primary language is at the top in the number 1 slot. But for the sake of testing this issue, just leave up English and go back and test to see if the other languages disappear for you in the Wyze app.

I’m going to add a couple more languages in mine and see if I can reproduce the issue somehow.


Android (Pixel 7 Pro and an old Samsung tablet as well)
I only have French as language, which is how my Wyze app was 100% displayed until the last update which came with the mixup with Spanish.
Spanish is absolutely nowhere to be found in my system, nor in any other app.

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Interesting. Sounds like Wyze should update the app. Android has an OS setting that lets us set the language for a specific app, but the Wyze app isn’t supported at the moment.

I wonder if this mostly occurs during updates or fresh installs. It is interesting that it didn’t start happening until just this last update and is adding languages not in people’s OS selection. Definitely a weird bug.

Thanks, I might switch one of my phones to French only and see if I can replicate this then (French is one of my secondary languages since I lived in Haiti for a while).

I have the same problem. (14 aout 2023)
Surveillance & Boutique = English
Cam V3 version Firmware [22 mars 2023] :
WYZE APP v2.44.1 (327)
Cell Phone : Huawei P20 Pro
Android version : v10.0.0.172

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Google Pixel 4a 5G rocking Android 13, French OS
Wyze app v2.44.1
There’s more and more Spanish showing up here and there lol

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Same for me. We have the same Spanish problem on the Events page only on 2 Samsung phones.
Otherwise, everything else seems to be consistently in French, as it was before (the 2 phones are configured for French)
Wyze app is 2.44.5 (330)
Apparently, it is a known problem that Wyze is currently investigating…

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funny thing is, it’s been months since they got that problem and they never fixed it. talk about service??? i don’t read spanish.looks like they can’t fix something basic.


Any updates yet? still a problem 3 months later

Looks like we better learn Spanish…

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Time to brush up on my Spanish indeed :rofl: