Center video playback on violation events

On previewing captured motion videos, center the video clip at the exact moment of the detection window is being violated.
Previewing MANY clips takes too long to manually find the trigger event

@don_wade, Before we consider adding this to the #wishlist, could you please expand on what you’re looking for? Are you referring to camera-based motion detection? Or Wyze Sense motion detectors? What specifically do you mean by “violation”? Please give as much of a detailed, concrete example as possible.

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Sure, the camera based motion detection is what I’m interested in.

Under detection settings->detection zone, you get to setup a rectangle where if anything in the video crosses (•violates• / crosses) the zone, recording will begin.

Now moving to the “view playback “, I will have about 25 clips to review every night. Most are false (ie stupid bugs and moths) but I have to view the entire clip just to find that it was a bug violation near the start, middle maybe the end of the clip. Tedious is a very polite summary.

Here’s what you have to add. In your “view playback”, offer some sort of navigation feature to quickly move to the Exact point in the video where the boundary was •violated•.

Even better, the navigation feature just moves to the next (or previous) violation.

This would allow me to review all 25 clips in 25 pokes at the navigation button instead of viewing 25 times X seconds per full clip (snore fest)

Here are a couple of existing #wishlist topics related to what you are requesting. If you search, I think you will find others. The subject has been covered pretty well already.

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This is a similar request, perhaps some day it will be done

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