Carter county deputy jerks wires from back of v3 camera

County deputy breaks the law in Carter county tn by jerking the wires out of back of camera. Never charged with his crime, home was broken into after that, take all matters into consideration where to place camera and how to wire power supply. No help in the matter what so ever

One has to ask, what was the situation wherein a sheriff deputy would destroy your camera? And why did his department not care?

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Can I assume you had Cam Plus assigned to the cam and it uploaded and saved video of them approaching the cam and reaching for it?

Or, at a minimum you had an SD Card installed in the cam that also captured the events leading up to this?

Can I also assume that you have consulted with a local attorney, providing them with this video, so that legal action can be initiated for damages?

Are you able to have your v3 cameras inside looking through your windows? I am happy with the results of my v3 cameras aimed through double pane glass. See the sample video below. Law Enforcement would then have to break a window to get to your v3 and I doubt they would want to go down that road.

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