Cannot view playback on V2 and firmware is up to date

I updated the app, later decided to update to CamPlus via the website. They have my credit card info now. It won’t let me log in (says my password is incorrect… it’s not) and it is not recognizing the CamPlus. I’m dead in the water. And now their bot is censoring my messages. What now?

It sounds like your services account and Wyze app account have 2 different email addresses. They need to be the same.

They are the same.

How did you purchase Cam Plus? Directly from the Wyze website using a browser or via the Wyze app?

When you say, “It won’t let me log in”, what is “it”? The Wyze Services webpage?

Seems like whatever ‘glitch’ that as there has ‘resolved’. Hopefully permanently and not just temporarily.

I transferred my CamPlus to the camera with the playback problem. It recorded and played back as it should. Took the CamPlus option off and now it’s on SD card only…and it’s recording and playback is fine.

But why did this happen in the first place?

Same problem.
I have CamPlus Lite.
I have the latest V2.28 app.
I have the latest firmware.
As of today 3-7-2022:
My V3 cameras do not let me view events.
My new PanCam does not let me view events.
My old V2 camera DOES let me view events.
Please fix this problem.
Thank you.

Login to Wyze Portal and subscribe Cam Plus Lite with $0 Dollar it will take 1 hour and then 12 second video option will start working.

i did the same and it works for me.

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Thanks MAK. Apparently an email went out from WYZE re: this but I don’t recall seeing it.

Same issue here…playbacks been working in 6 cameras but suddenly didnt work saying need to subscribe to CAMPLUS. Is this a marketing strategy to force us to subscribe???

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12 second video stop working again.

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Mine too. Suddenly today, as before. I’m done. I signed up for CamPlus on 3/14 and am in the free 2-week trial period. I’m pretty sure I signed up through the app, as I saved screenshots of the confirmation in my phone. My app does not recognize that I have CamPlus. This is too much BS for me to deal with. They clearly don’t want our business. I bought the cameras because I liked the products, they were affordable, and I wanted to support a small company. Meh.

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I am new to this forum. Advance apologies incase I am not following the right protocol.
I have 3 cameras (Cam Pan with SD card, Cam V2 with SD, Cam V2 PLUS).
I used to be able to view playback on my cameras with SD card, but recently I see “No video at the selected time” message when I go to view playback
I have updated my app
Any help/pointers are appreciated

Same here, My V2 still lets me hit playback and time scroll to earlier in the day, But my V3 stopped doing this and gave me the message in the attached screenshot. All software up to date, good SD cards installed (been fine for months), and I don’t have a cam plus subscription, but that never stopped me from seeing playback before.

I just fixed mine by going thru the app on my phone and reformatting the SD card, then turning off the camera for a few minutes, and then turning it back on, then restarting the camera, and waiting a few minutes and then the playback feature was working again. I did all this thru settings on the app (under advance settings I think)

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Thanks t321sg for the post. I had the same issue and your instruction solved it for me as well. Thankx