Cannot pause video playback at desired spot

On video playback from the Outdoor Cam, and the V2 Cam, it is desireable to pause the video at a particular spot ( for example, to see what triggered the motion event). This is nearly impossible, since video playback resumes if the video is paused and the slider bar is used to go back to the beginning. If I want to stop the video at the third second, it is impossible – my reflexes are not fast enough. Can the autoplay be turned off when changing video position? I want to be able to pause the video and then scroll forward and backward, without restarting playback. Many times I have wildlife that triggers emotion event, but that critter is only on the screen for a second or two.

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I have this exact same issue. Did you ever find a resolution? Pretty annoying it doesn’t just stay paused when you pause it. Don’t auto-resume when I move the slider.

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Me also. It’s very annoying. I’m surprised no one has offered up any guidance here. If it’s in another thread I’ve not found it.