Can you use cams without internet?

Tell us what you have. I know the way of the world today is fear. But so far no one has had anything detrimental other than fret for the masses here. Even the enthusiastic wouldn’t be enthusiastic if there were evidence there was a issue. Tell us what you’ve seen. Let’s analyze this.

I have Wyze cameras (with SD card) and several magnetic sensors and motion detectors. All this is talking to a Pixel3. My WiFi is riding on meshed Asus 88 and a hardwired Asus 68 as AP and Asus 68 as repeater. The Motorola modem talks to cable with 100+ Mb speeds.

As soon as the internet goes down the telephone tells me all is kaput. As soon as internet returns all comes to life.

Other comps, NAS,printers and scanners work fine during the internet outage on the WiFi LAN.


Ah. I thought you had evidence of the cameras phoning China, which they do not.

You are right however that they do not work well without Internet. These cameras are tied tightly into the Internet so you can use them from outside your house. We have been trying to get Wyze to create an Internet-free mode of operation if they don’t find the Internet at startup, but so far we have been unsuccessful at getting their attention focused there.

The only thing that works without Internet ATM is SD card recording, IF you had Internet on the camera at startup. Once Internet is removed, that is all that continues. Unfortunately requiring Internet to start often cripples that function too, as in a cabin in the woods.


The only cameras I can think of are Dash Cams.
I have a BlackVue 750 Dash Camera in my truck and it only needs a wifi connection with my phone to view/download videos recorded on the cam and to change settings.
It would make a great security camera anywhere when connected to a 12 volt supply.

I believe you can purchase cloud storage, but I’ve never needed it and it’s not required.

I tried a " Wansivew" outdoor camera, but sent it back because I couldn’t get it to connect to my wifi router.
Probably something I was doing wrong, but it shouldn’t be that hard.

I’m a bit suspicious of all these Chinese cameras needing a connection to their servers without my knowledge.

My front door is pretty boring, but still.

I might add that I found as long as the power is not lost after setting it up it will still record to the SD card.
But, if you lose that power you’ll need the Internet to start it up again.
It would be a valuable asset if Bluetooth were added so cameras could be started monitoring without the Internet connection.

Unfortunately, Wyze mainly focuses on software development on the camera.

It’d be great if they would just create an Internet-free mode of operation. They can keep the existing app and Internet setup – the camera and app work great in and out of the house. But if it doesn’t detect Internet, then go to local-only operation. That’s within the realm of a software update.

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Yep, like the Dash Cam I mentioned.
Change the software so that it connects through wifi to your phone.
Make changes to settings and start video recording with your phone. No Internet needed.


Add another lost customer (who would likely be good for 6-12 of these guys if the above wasn’t true).


For those that are passing on the Wyze cameras, they WILL stream via RTSP with the firmware update (it’s easy). You then use a third party program or app to view the cameras, also the Pan and Tilt features are also lost on the Pan Cam (unless you add Internet, or share it out via mobile hotspot and use a device that’s not the hotspot to run the Wyze app)

With RTSP & the firmware update you get the ability to view the camera within the LAN and without Internet connectivity (to the rest of the world).

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Yes at 10 FPS - useless


I just moved to a rural area with no internet. I have a ZWave hub and Wi-Fi for local smart home management via an offline Hubitat hub. Then there’s Wyze, who shuns standards and makes a proprietary local network for their sensors, requires internet to use the camera (person detection is already a local feature that I can’t use), but has the best product on the market… how is that customer friendly?

Do you guys want to be the best?

  1. Switch to ZWave
  2. Make cloud optional
  3. Make all local notifications and features available to your cloud and a ZWave hub
  4. Help Hubitat make a driver for your devices

I know Hubitat and ZWave are kind of specific, but ZWave is a standard that uses a frequency that offers most of the benefits of your current frequency. People can integrate rather than rip and replace. Hubitat is just one of many ZWave hubs, but it supports offline use and bridging hubs.


Yesterday Xfinity went down for 16 hours, I was unable to connect to any wyze cameras EXCEPT for the ones I installed rtsp on.
Making the cameras having to access the internet for authorization makes these cameras useless for real security.


Which is one of the reasons these are specifically NOT marketed as security


I just got 4 Wyze cams from Amazon today. My plan for them was to house each one in a weatherproof enclosure (powered by a rechargeable USB power pack) and mount it to view a gauge on my semi trailer while I’m unloading. This would prevent me from having to go out in pouring rain or -20F temps to check it all the time. I thought I could view the cam on my phone in the comfort of my truck.

I loved everything about these cams, until finding this thread, and realizing what I wanted to do is impossible without an internet connection wherever I’m at. I can’t tether to my phone. Maybe I’ll look at RTSP functionality, but chances are I’ll be returning all 4 of my cams to Amazon. Too bad. : (

Doesn’t your phone have an Internet connection?

Yes, but I can’t tether anything to it.

Here is a post about the same topic:

Yes, I could figure out how to pay more to get the Wyze cam the Internet connection it requires, but I shouldn’t have to. I’d rather get a $30 nanny cam that works direct to my phone or over WLan and be done with it.
HUGE flaw not having a WLan ONLY mode on these. So many bells and whistles, when all I REALLY needed was the small size and great picture.
Good luck!


I literally could have sold 1000 of these once word got out how what I had in mind worked. 4000+ drivers in company.



If you decide to go the RTSP route, remember you’ll need to have a router somewhere in/on your truck for the cameras to connect to. You can view them offline/not connected to the internet via VLC app (on Android). I’ve yet to figure out an easy way to switch between cameras without having to manually type in the IP address for each one. For what it’s worth you could look into a mobile hotspot, and get one of the really cheap Pay-As-You-Go sim card packages. This would fill the gap/solve the problem of both needing a router and providing Internet for authentication. And it would also allow you to view them from your phone, from within the Wyze app (eg. functioning normally). Upshot too, is you could keep an eye on your truck/trailer from inside a truck stop if you were on break.