Can wyze thermostat utilize two/second fan speed option?

Can thermostat control two blower fan speeds? Our G wire calls for a blower fan from one speed tap and and another wire (orange if I recall correctly) calls for a blower fan from another speed tap.

With lower fan speed we get better humidity control and with other better cooling. If wyze thermostat could switch between the two, is there a way to specify the usage for second speed?

Our original thermostat was semi programmable for lower blower speed initially (humidity control) and higher speed later for better cooling. When wyze was installed it was recommended to leave second fan speed wire off.

Answering my own question. Sort of yes. Since stage condenser with air handler blower fan that has multiple speed taps can sort of be control using Y2 for “second stage” cooling (aka high fan speed), All that is needed for it to work properly is 90-340 relay.

Assuming you are using Y2 (cooling stage 2) to trigger (Y2 to one side of the coil, the other side of the coil to ground) the SPDT relay to switch between low and high speeds? G (fan signal from the T-stat) to the common on the relay, low speed to the NC terminal and high speed to the NO terminal?