Can the police leak into our account

Can the police leak into our account??? Can the police or any kind investigator leak into our account with our permission

Then why is it take forever for you to get the notification on your phone or iPad or laptop whatever to use in to get the alarm if someone’s in your house right away it takes about 10 minutes before it goes through

I don’t know what exactly you mean by “link into our account”, but if you is there a way for an investigator to receive notifications from your account the answer is only by contacting wyze and satisfying there requirements.

Please recognize that this a cloud solution based in the USA. if you read the EULA you would see that wyze reserves the rite to give any could stored footage to any law enforcement agency at there discretion. Law enforcement doesn’t even need to provide a search warrant (but wyze PROBABLY wouldn’t give access without one). It’s really all standard stuff.

as with all other IOT devices the data it collects is out of your control and it is at wyze (and in turn a judge) discretion if law enforcement can view either recorded videos or live stream.

Furthermore wyze states that they will report any crime to the proper law enforcement agency if they see it. (and yes they do store, review, and report video clips as they see fit as is required by law).

I hope this clears it up a little for you. good rule of thumb, if you are doing something you won’t want law enforcement to see… don’t let it be stored on the internet or even better, don’t break the law.

If this interests you i stongly suggest carefully reading the EULA, terms of service agreement, and privacy agreement. these can all be found in the app in there up to date form. (ALWAYS READ THE EULA)


Security regarding Wyze cameras resembles a sieve trying to hold water

I think this is unfair to say. It’s my understanding that this is standard in the USA.

Where are you getting that info?
As far as I know they only review the clips we submit. Everything else should be encrypted.


It’s all in the privacy statement in the app.

I should have cropped this better, but honestly EVERY ONE OF YOU SHOULD REAL THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT if you are using these products. Know what your rotes are and how your data is being used.

If you have wyze cameras in a crack house, meth lab or maybe have kidnap victims in your home you may want to consider non-web based cameras to prevent the man from accessing your cameras. Or simply hire a few thugs to stand guard 24/7 and not use cameras at all.


I challenge the ‘Should’, after all the cameras should work as advertised, support should reply promptly… I don’t trust any commercial firms to either do as they promise or not to do more than they reveal…

Really Shifty… ‘Hole’… Good Lord

That follows the same guidance expressed in messaging apps