Cameras no longer records to SD?

Hi. I’ve had Wyze cameras since they came out. I liked the built in person detection when it came out, it was a game changer. But since they lost that partnership I’ve been slowly watching this platform become more expensive. I just want to be able to record motion events to my camera’s SD card like I’ve always been able to do. But now I can no longer do that without paying, aparently? I don’t want that. I want the features I bought that have always been available that don’t rely on the cloud at all. Is there no longer a way to record to SD card on any of my cameras without paying money?


Read the posts…SD card recording HAS NOT changed. You have the option to send just thumbnail images to the web (no subscription); send 12 second videos with person detection to the web (CamPlus Lite); send long videos with person, package, vehicle. pet detection to the cloud (CamPlus). SD recording is not affected by any of these. You just need to access playback for the camera in the app.


The items in the event tab have always been cloud recording. SD recording has not changed. It’s where it always has been: accessed via ‘view playback’ on the live view of the camera, or by clicking view playback from a oud recording on the event page.

Here is a screenshot showing the playback button:

No matter what any of you say or how rudely you say it I am having the same problem as the original poster. My cameras WILL NOT record events to SD card, heck most of the time it tells me I have no card then it says I do then it says I don’t. When I try to access anything mentioned by other repliers it does not let me. It only wants me to buy the service. I have seen the usefulness to me of these cameras and this company go downhill for some time now. Not sure why some can use this feature and others can’t. I have had these cameras since before anyone know who they were. But now I feel it’s time to move on to a more reliable company. Which is too bad. Any of you folks who still seem to be smitten with this service want to buy my old cams?


Same problem

I haven’t had a problem until recently. I use the camera exclusively to monitor and make time lapses of the sky. It seems to record and actually does, but when I try to save time lapses to the phone, it says I need to update firmware, which is up to date and then it says SD card not available and it won’t make time lapses. I have replaced the card and it worked overnight and then started acting up again.

Have had no problems until i did the update. Now no longer recognizes SD card. Had been working fine. Reinserting, and power cycle did not fix.

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Is there a way to reverse the update?

Not sure but will have to figure it out. I had to wait for the rain to let up, get ladder out and redo, reset, to get V3 working agin after update. Had to replace sd cards. Then made the mistake of thinking v2 pan probably would update fine.
Bad mistake, bricked it and stuck w yellow light and clicking. Will have to find another card and see if can flash firmware.
Do not think I will update any cameras again. Yuck.

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I too have been very frustrated about the same thing. Finally came across the solution. Go back to your Wyze app, click Account > Services > scroll (all the way to the right) to Cam Plus Lite > + Add Cameras >
Then add all or some of your cameras.
I don’t know how some cameras got removed from it and others didn’t. I do miss the times when it just worked as I too started buying these cameras way back when.

As for the bricked cameras after update press and hold the set up button for maybe 10 seconds for newer and 20 seconds for older camera and wait for it to do it’s start up routine and then set it up as if it were a new camera. Delete the previous connection from the app if you want to use the same name. I’ve had to do this several times and hate doing updates because of it.

Having the same problem just want to record to my SD card. Very little I record
needs to be saved to the cloud.

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What type of camera are you using? What are your current camera settings?

Note: sd recordings are found via the view playback buttons (from the cloud events or live view) on all the cameras but the battery outdoor cam.

The events tab only shows cloud events, not the sd recordings.

You tell me something I didn’t know but… when go to playback it shows 1 recording from March and no more and that just isn’t possible. Before all these changes I got 10-15 recordings a day from mailman driving in the driveway to my cat getting in the window to look out.

Which camera are you using? And what are your settings? Screenshots would be helpful in this regard.

Wyze Cam 2. If I select video vs image there is a popup requiring you to pay to store video to the cloud. There is no option to save to the SD card.

I’m not sure how to add screen shots in this forum. I tried copy and paste but that didn’t work.

That setting refers to the could event recording. The events tab is also for cloud events.

SD card recordings are separate. They are found in the camera’s settings menu under advanced settings> sd card. You can choose from event only or continuous.

To view your SD card recordings from a Wyze v2 you click view playback on the live video feed or from the linked cloud event on the events tab.

I’m on mobile, but to add a photo/screenshot click the button I circled in blue once you’re composing a comment