Camera won't stay on

I have two of these outdoor cameras, one is working fine. The other camera will no stay on. Any time I want to see what is going on I have to turn it on. As soon as I exit the camera app it turns itself off again. It was suggested that I use the sync button to re-pair the camera. When I do it says Pairing failed. It is fully charged, there are any rules set or anything, it just will not stay on. My nearest neighbor had her house burgled Wednesday night, and she asked me to see if my camera had caught anything. This is when I found it was not ON. I need something dependable, and if this won’t work I’ll have to try another brand.

Can you check your rules history, see if it shows anything turning the camera off. Also check your rules list. These can be accessed in account > rules

There are no rules set at all

When you say it is off, do you use the on button in the app to turn it on, or the switch on the back, or what?

The camera is out by my front door. I am in the house. I open the App, and that camera IN the app shows off. I select that camera, and have to hit the grey Off button, still in the App, and it turns off. I exit, go back to look, and it shows Off again.

I had same issue could not get support to help. I tried just a few more things.
Check that your detection area is turned on.
Also change the resolution on your camera to a lower resolution. One of those 2 appears to have worked :slightly_smiling_face: