Camera viewing if off in sharee’s app can it still be viewed in sharer’s app

I have a question. My husband shares all our cameras, lightbulbs, plugs, etc…with me. What I want to know is if I turn off a camera in an area does that stay turned off for just me or can he still view the area since he holds the main device functioning abilities. Is he actually able to still see thru the camera even though on my app it shows the camera is off? Please let me know as soon as possible because I’m afraid of being watched all the time. When we go out together obviously the cameras should be on but not if one of us are home. That’s an invasion of privacy even if we’re married.

If the camera is turned off, it is turned off. Of course he can turn it right back on.

What degree of control a shared camera has is subject to a long discussion in a wishlist item.


Personally I don’t have any inward-looking cameras. All my cameras are outdoors, or looking outdoors.

But even with the outdoor-looking cameras you have a privacy issue if you share the camera. The microphone is indoors with you, and you can’t turn it off. Also a subject on the wishlish. Solution is to disconnect the microphone, of which there is an “Insanely Easy” post here somewhere that will show you the process for V2 and V3 fixed-view cameras.

But yeah, best solution for you is eliminate inward-looking cameras, or pull the plug on them when you are home.


Thank you. Very informative :blush:

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Is it possible for you to put a rag over the cameras when you are home? When you are home and don’t see a rag covering the cameras, that should be a sign to be cautious.

So even assuming the app reports status accurately and in real time, as @K6CCC indicates the other account holder could quickly flip the status on and off at will and you wouldn’t know unless you were staring at your screen the whole time.

This of course is the crux of it. If you both have already agreed that an indoor Internet connected camera is okay and an acceptable risk - some people say yes and others no – then this is entirely a matter of trust and courtesy. Few couples take extraordinary measures to keep spouses from spying on them in the shower. It seems like kind of a weird concern to be honest.

Oh, also, please be aware that these cameras are never really “off” just because that flag is toggled in the app. Their sensors remain active and the cameras are on the Internet.