Camera Settings by Group

Is there a quick way to change settings for all cameras/all group cameras in one shot?
Like a web interface or global settings view?

I have seen that Sound Detection is available with smart detections for e.g. talking.
I have 15 cameras & would like to set them all with the same Sound Detection = On, Smart Sound Detection = Talking

How can I do this without going one-by-one?

There are no available rules for Sound Detection so I cannot automate this via a trigger…

As a side question…
Is the software for the current Wyze cams actually being developed/improved or will we be stuck with the current functionality ? (i.e. we would have to buy the v3 Pro to get new features? are there any new features actually planned etc).

I see lots of “wishlist” requests for camera features but most of these are open >3 years with no change or improvements.

I was hoping that the “Year of the Camera” would see Wyze focus on their “original core” products again but 3/4 of the way through the year & I’ve seen nothing except for “new products”.

You can’t. Since the “Sound Detection” Event Recording and “Smart Sound Detection - Talking” settings are not provided as Rules Actions and are not integrated into Alexa Routines or the like, it isn’t possible to automate those Toggles.

It is always being improved and functionality \ features are added regularly. Just check out the Wishes Granted list for proof.

Users suggest features by posting in the Wishlist. Your feature request would be a post in:

Follow the link, Vote at the top, Like :heart: some posts, Add your reply to the thread.