Camera plays a sound (eg. siren) on motion or on demand

I would really like this feature as well. Specifically to integrate with pet detection and play audio. My idea is to point at the furniture and play something if the dog is detected near the couch.

That can be done now. I have one of my motion detectors sound the alarms on all of my cameras between 11pm and 5am to let anyone with ill intentions know they have done a wrong thing.


Oh, that’s on the V3 cams FYI.


There should be a firmware update that adds a siren feature for Wyze Cam v1/v2

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Recording announcement to detected person!!!

I would like for my video doorbell to let the detected person know that it’s recording when being approached. I’ve had too many people not even noticed that it’s there and still knock on my door instead of ringing the doorbell. Please get that feature added asap!

Any update on this progress? Being the “year of the camera” it could be a big win for camera owners and new camera use cases!

Okay, so I use a motion detector in a location that between certain hours no-one should be in the area. When that triggers for more than a specified amount of time then I have it fire off the sirens on ALL of my outdoor cameras, this feature already works, and it works great!!!

You could also use it to power up a power plug that has an audio device on it, blaring music so there are already options out there.



Better is one day in His courts…


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I use a Wyze Rule to do this. I have Cam Plus, so I trigger mine on Person Detection, but without Cam Plus, you can use Motion Detection on the doorbell to trigger it. When it detects motion, it will automatically announce a Quick Response. It would look like this:

This is another one of those old wishlist topics that already has the functionality developed for part of the request.

Cam Sirens can be triggered on any\all cams by motion detection or AI detection thru Rules. It doesn’t play a special sound or announce that it is recording like some other brands… But it will make a considerable fuss.

Yes. Many of us are just chomping at the bit to have our cams play ED-209 quotes.

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I’m not seeing option for a custom message. Only the alarm?

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Not sure what you mean by the Alarm? Do you mean the Siren?

The video doorbells do not have a siren so it can’t be a rule action choice. Standard Wyze cams don’t have quick response voice announcement capability like the doorbells do.

On the VDBv1 Doorbell, there isn’t any option for a user defined Custom voice response message. You only get to choose one of the pre-programmed responses:

I didn’t realize that the doorbell cam was the only one. My neighbors camera on the corner of his house whistles at people passing by getting their attention. While that’s unnecessary during the day, I’d rather something subtle like that at night then a loud alarm in case it’s only a late night walker and not a possible intruder or car thief.

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If you have a V3 Cam, you can add the spotlight accessory that will come on with motion or AI detection. The V3Pro and the OG S have a resident spotlight for this.

There is a Wishlist request that asks for the cam custom sound capability. Follow the link to that thread, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your use case in a reply post at the bottom.

Outdoor Camera announce you are being recorded

would like to see features like Ring or Viviant has that announces you are being recorded when someone enters your Recording Zone…

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Wyze just introduced this feature in the Wyze Floodlight Pro.

That’s great. But until I can add ED-209 audio it’s not finished.

and of course, different siren sounds, and a loud enough siren to compete with other cameras. And better clarity when doing phone to camera speech. That whole circuit and associated components need to be overhauled. I think in the next version of the Wyze camera.

And nearly 5 years later…

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“You are being recorded”

Are there plans to add a verbal warning to the Wyze Cam V3 and/or Pan V3 like exists in the OG that recording has begun?

It’s a great feature that other competitors have and would be extremely useful to have in the Cam V3.

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