Camera only for live video?

So I just bought one of these little square Wyze cams, we’ve been (sort of) using it for a couple of days now, with constant problems. It’s set to continuous recording, I have a 32gb sd card in it, but it won’t let me watch playback all the time, even when it has green in the minutes and has recorded things. I can’t watch alerts unless I’m at home, it just says network timed out, even at home sometimes it says network timed out or camera not connected. So basically I can only use this camera as a live feed.

What router, what firmware version, and what phone/device you got?

The playback feature (from the microSD card) is either “not user-friendly enough yet”, OR, is buggy, OR, both. However, with some patience, and/or some trial-and-error, it nearly always delivers for me. This explains why I continue to buy these. I project that with time, wyzecam developers make these more robust.

In some cases, the microSD card needs to be re-formatted, OR, can be “bricked”, especially if it is not a high-performance card. SanDisk even says they won’t warranty their normal cards if used in high use scenarios, such as security cams.

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Asus router, firmware, and Samsung Galaxy phone.

It isn’t only SanDisk that has that, they all do. The problem is of too many writes to the card wears out the NAND faster. That is why you need bigger microSD cards to “spread out” the writes over more NAND cells.

Did you disable Airtime fairness?

When to Disable Airtime Fairness Off?
First off, not all the devices support Airtime Fairness completely. They can sometimes get confused by the reduced amount of data, this can cause fluctuating signals and occasionally dropped connection. So do disable Airtime Fairness when your devices do not play well together with the router. And hope that with better firmware and applications they can take advantage of the router configuration.

Second, you should disable Airtime Fairness when you actually want better performance on the slower device. Imagine this scenario that is opposite of the one mentioned earlier: You have a gaming computer located in your bedroom far away from the router in the living room, however there is a family computer located in the living room that is running bittorrent uncapped.

Apparently, these cams don’t support that.

I have no idea what airtime fairness is or how to disable it, but I will try.

I had similar problems with an “off brand” SD card. I switched all of mine to (below) and haven’t had issues.

Also, a trick is you can “pinch zoom out” on the time line to scroll more precise. (When you first go to playback, you’ll see hour increments. If you use 2 fingers to “pinch zoom out” on the timeline on the bottom, you’ll see minute increments)


I seem unable to pinch zoom out.

It’s not a pinch. It’s a two finger spread apart.

You got a 64GB card to work?

What is the formatted size? Mine shows 48MB but I can’t record anything to the card. I take the card to a computer and format it, I get 64GB. This happens in both of my V2 cameras.

I had the same problem with a non name brand SD card, the Samsung worked for me, I use the 32GB, would like to know how much space is available on the 64GB card.

Like @lopezjl mentioned, you’ll want to get a good (class 10) “name brand” SD card, then just format it in the app. They work fine in my v1 & v2 cams. People have also reported 128 GB cards working fine, although I have no need for that much storage.

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