Camera off, motion still triggers?

setup two new V2 cameras which both upgraded successfully. Via the app, I turned off both cameras because I don’t want them constantly triggering and recording when I’m home.

Then I noticed I walked passed one, heard a slight clock sound, looked back at the camera and the infra red lights were on. This happens to both cameras.

I have confirmed in the app that both of them are turned off. And don’t receive any notifications of motion on my phone. Is this supposed to be happening?

The click you heard is likely the night vision turning on. Apparently, OFF mode doesn’t disable the auto night vision activation. It probably should. I’ll report this and in the mean time, you probably need to turn off night vision manually before turning off the camera.

Great. Thanks for the info and looking into it.

I am told that the V1 and Pan turn night vision off when the camera is in OFF mode. The V2 is also supposed to do that, and it will be corrected.